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Is it necessary to book?
No, we only consider bookings for groups with 11 or more people. In July and August, we only accept bookings with prior agreement for those groups that arrive between 9 AM and 10.30 AM.

Is it possible to book the whole Adventure Park?
Yes, during the periods in which the Park is closed (see calendar), access to the Park is allowed to groups, schools and companies (min.20 participant) only with a booking done few days in advance. Request and acceptance must be completed via e-mail.

Is the Adventure Park accessible to anyone?
Yes, anyone of any age that is in good shape can enjoy the various routes. The black route “peperoncino” demands that you be particularly in good shape. Moreover, it is necessary to be in good health and not have any heart problems.

At the weekend, when is the best time to come to the Adventure Park?
There are generally less people present during the morning.

Do the minors (-16) have do be accompanied by adults?
Yes, from the green route, the minors (-16) (2006) must be ACCOMPANIED by their parents or by an adult who are responsible for them (1 adult every 2 minors).

What is the age required to undertake the routes?
The limit is defined by the height of the person and by age.

Yellow and orange route: for people that are more than 6 years old (5 years old to be decided on place)
Black Junior route: for people that are more than 6 yeas old
Green route: for people that are more than 1.40 m tall
Light blue route: for people that are more than 1.40 m tall
Blue route: for people that are more than 1.40 m tall
Red route: for people that are more than 1.50 m tall
Black route: for people that are more than 1.50 m tall
Black PLUS route: for people that are more than 1.50 m tall

In practice, for those who are smaller than what required, the height of the safety lines make it difficult or even impossible to self-secure with the karabiners. The accessibility also depends on participant’s agility.

What do the prices refer to?
Fr. 30.- for adults from 16 years (2005) of age and take into account all routes.
Fr. 30.- for minors younger than 16 (2006) and take into account all routes.
Fr. 20.- for the yellow, orange and black route, for junior.
Fr. 12.- only for the yellow route, for children

Are you allowed to enter the Adventure Park without undertaking the routes?
Yes, if not using the routes, anyone can enter the Park without having to pay. This provided that the safety prescriptions are respected.

How is it possible to pay?
Payments have to be made in cash and preferably in CHF. Euro is accepted. We remind you of the fact that the exchange rate may change.

What does the entry ticket include?
The price includes:
- the introductory course (briefing);
- the safety equipment (harness, safety ropes, karabiners, pulley, helmet);
- help provided by the instructors;
- access to the routes for 2 ½ hours
(any additional time initiated will be invoiced at 6.- CHF).

On average, how long do the routes take?
The time needed depends on the agility of the person and on the number of people doing the routes. On average, it takes 2 hours to finish the whole game.

What does “completely self-governing” meaning?
Any participant moves on cables and platforms several meters above the ground under his own responsibility. For this reason, participants do have to respect the internal regulations of Gordola Adventure Park, which says:
The introductory course (briefing) is compulsory for everyone, even for those who have already undertaken such an activity in other parks; it allows the users to learn the correct use of the safety equipment in order to be able to go along the routes completely self-governed.

We advise the users to undertake the routes in progressive order of difficulty until each person reaches his own limit. We advise not to start a new route if the previous one has already caused some difficulties.

1. Yellow route: 7 games, height between 1,50 and 2.50 m. from the ground;
2. Orange route: 9 games, height between 2,50 and 6.50 m. from the ground;
3. Black Junior route: 11 games, height between 3 and 7 m. from the ground;
4. Green route: 8 games, height between 2.00 and 2.50 m. from the ground;
5. Light blue route: 5 games, height between 2.50 and 6.00 m. from the ground;
6. Blue route: 12 games, height between 4.20 and 8.00 m. from the ground;
7. Red route: 15 games, height between 4.50 and 9.50 m. from the ground;
8. Black route: 8 games, height between 8.00 and 15.00 m. from the ground;
9. Black PLUS route: 4 games, height between 10.00 and 15.00 m. from the ground.

Does the Park require a particular clothing?
A simple sportive outfit is enough. We advise not to wear open shoes, such as sandals, and not to take objects of value.

Is there a wardrobe at the Adventure Park?
No, the Park does not take into custody client’s personal objects. We remind you of the fact that the Adventure Park does not assume any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings.

Are the Adventure Park staff given a specific instruction?
Yes, the staff are specifically trained for this work.

Is it easy to get to Gordola Adventure Park?
Yes. It is 1 km from the bus stop of busses number 1 (Tenero-Brere) and 311 (Gordola-Gnesa). 1 km from Gordola FFS railway station and 1,5 km from Tenero FFS railway station. It is next to the bicycle path Bellinzona - Ascona (via nuova passerella). It is 1 km from Tenero Shopping Centre (COOP) and from the National Sports Centre for Youth in Tenero (CST).

Is food available at the park?
Yes, in the Park itself there is a bar (drinks, ice creams). Not far away from the Park, there are some restaurants.

Is there a car park outside the Adventure Park?
Yes, but it is fairly small. Close by, there are several, well signposted car parks. However, we advise you to get there by bicycle or on foot.

What if the Park is full?
You can wait for your turn at the bar or come back later.

Is insurance against injuries compulsory?
Yes, any participants must personally be insured against injuries.